Entrepreneurial Programming


Meet the Growing Demand for Entrepreneurial Programming

Since our founding in 2010 the demand for entrepreneurial education and programming at Cal Poly has grown exponentially. In 2010 we were unsure if we’d fill one section of Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Today, we offer five sections per quarter, serving some 600 students in each of the six colleges. In 2014, when The Hatchery was opened, we supported the work of 25 student-led startups. At the close of the 2017/18 school year that number had grown to 62. The same is true for Innovation Sandbox. Despite its mere 500 square foot footprint, it was home to more than 1,200 student projects last year alone. To put it simply, we are no longer able to meet the growing needs of students.

The creation of an Innovation Endowment Fund will provide the crucial and sustainable resources needed to meet the growing needs of students. This fund will allow the CIE to operate and expand the services offered through The Hatchery, Innovation Sandbox and SLO HotHouse, will secure the future of our flagship competition, Innovation Quest, and will drive the creation of new and expanded entrepreneurship programs across campus.

Goal #4: