Entrepreneurial Hub


Create an Entrepreneurial Hub on Campus

Today, the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship operates three spaces on the Cal Poly campus: The Hatchery, an on-campus incubator supporting student-led startups; The Nash Family Entrepreneurship Lab, a state-of-the-art, flexible classroom, home to entrepreneurship classes, competitions and Cal Poly Entrepreneurs Club; and Innovation Sandbox, a rapid prototyping space home to about 1,200 student projects each year.

As the program continues to grow significantly each year, we face three challenges related to space. First, a lack of classroom space in which to teach the growing number (currently 19) of unique entrepreneurship courses. Second, an Innovation Sandbox that is a fraction of the size needed to accommodate student demand. And third, lack of a central location or hub where likeminded students come together to learn, prepare and launch.

Together, we’ll expand our capacity to meet student demand by adding three state-of-the-art classrooms, adjacent to the Nash Family Entrepreneurship Lab and The Hatchery, where all entrepreneurship classes will be taught. And just feet from The Hatchery, as part of a planned expansion to the College of Business building, we’ll develop a 2,000+ square foot Innovation Sandbox that is equipped to meet the growing needs of entrepreneurial students in all six colleges. These six unique spaces will come together to create the first-ever Entrepreneurial Hub on campus. A place where our most driven students can work with likeminded others, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and build their big ideas with the support of staff, faculty and dozens of alumni and community mentors.

Goal #2: