Entrepreneurial Education


Provide Every Cal Poly Student with an Entrepreneurial Education

There are few universities in the world that can say entrepreneurship is in their DNA. We count ourselves among those few and are committed to providing every student, in every college and every major, with the most entrepreneurial education possible. Whether they choose to start a company, lead a nonprofit organization or go to work for one of the many amazing companies that recruit from Cal Poly, we know that developing an entrepreneurial mindset will set them on the road to success.

The CIE Faculty Fellows program allows our most entrepreneurial faculty, in each of the six colleges, to develop courses, competitions and innovative programs that weave entrepreneurship into the fabric of a Cal Poly education. Through their participation with the CIE, our Fellows also serve as CIE ambassadors, working directly with students and connecting them to the many entrepreneurial resources available across campus.

CIE Faculty Fellows are selected each year through a competitive process and awarded a three-year fellowship, including a $9,000 stipend, paid over three years. To date, our Faculty Fellows have developed six new entrepreneurship courses, an integrated Marketing Concentration between the College of Business and the College of Liberal Arts, and major innovation challenges and competitions in Agriculture, Journalism and Engineering, to name just a few.

For less than the cost of endowing one full-time faculty position, the CIE will be able to award three new CIE Faculty Fellows each year, putting us on a path to become the top undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the country and provide every student who’s interested with an unparalleled entrepreneurial education.

Goal #3: