Accelerating Success


Offer Students the Best Undergraduate Accelerator Experience in the World

Since 2010, the CIE Summer Accelerator program has helped launch 71 Cal Poly startups I (with a dozen additional Cal Poly startups launched through other CIE programs) that have gone on to raise more than $100M in capital. More than half of these companies are still operating today, and with just eight years behind us, we’ve seen four acquisitions and thousands of jobs created.

What might be less obvious is the number of lives that have been changed. More than 300 students have participated in the Accelerator, a truly life-changing experience. While many of them are still building their companies (or, perhaps a second or third), others have gone on to fill early roles in some of the most innovative companies in the world – roles they were uniquely qualified to fill because of their experience building a company of their own.

We are committed to providing Cal Poly students with the best undergraduate accelerator experience in the world. So, we have set out to secure the future of this, our flagship program, with $1M in funding so that our most driven and innovative students can pursue their dreams, create value in the world and drive innovation well into the future.

Goal #1: